• 6 x Pre-Rigged Space Lights
  • Wi-fi – fibre optic broadband
  • Natural light & Black Out options
  • Bose surround sound music system
  • Power supply 3 phase (200 amps/phase)
  • Vehicle access
  • Client/Kitchen area

Additional Rooms

Styling Suite / Client Room


Inclusive with Studio 1, the Styling Suite can be used as a wardrobe and make up area or as a client green room.

This is a large room that leads directly into Studio 1. It is arranged with two classic styling stations and has the space to accommodate more should you need them.

The Billiards Room

Makes a great space for relaxing and is used regularly as a client suite, for castings, rehearsals, as a location backdrop and as a smaller temporary studio.

Please enquire about rates when booking Studio 1.

Set Builds

Some examples of sets recently built and shot here in Studio 1.


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